2019 Recipients



As David was undergoing treatments for his wounds, Joe, along with Kane Hodder by phone, visited to deliver the recipient check to him an his wife.  This will go a long way in paying some of the expenses due to the injuries he sustained.



To the surprise of all in attendance of the STCCW6 Costume Contest, including the recipients, the Window family received their check to buy a special vehicle for a very special, happy and energetic little boy!



Christine was invited to be a judge at the STCCW6 costume contest. During the show, she was presented with her check as the attendees cheered on!  



Dealing with Neuroblastoma since he was five years old and relapsing five times, Wes was a true example of a Warrior. 

We presented the check to him and his family in late 2018 due to the seriousness of his condition.

Wes is no longer with us, but his fighting spirit lives on with all of us.

2018 Recipients



Sawyer is being treated for Anaplastic Ependymoma. She has had two brain surgeries as a result, and is receiving care at St. Jude. Travel back and forth alone is hard.  Sawyer and her family received a check to aid in her recovery, assist with travel for medical visits, and provide some positive things for her. 



 Burned in a household accident, Brian has been bravely fighting in his recovery since then. 



“My name is Hope and I am a Navy Veteran, single mother of two and a Stage IV invasive lobular carcinoma metastatic breast cancer Warrior.

The daily struggle of knowing I have, “Terminal Cancer” is enough of an emotional struggle. I enjoy the good days and smile through the bad days. I find my strength in my family and friends and put my trust in GOD’S hands and stay positive. Appreciating every day that GOD gives me. There’s Always Hope!”

Hope passed into the light on 10/21/2019

2017 Recipients



 “When you have a child with a rare disease, your world turns upside down. It’s a type of culture shock, really. Suddenly, after we found out Jane was sick, we were learning new lingo and navigating a foreign and terrifying world. Just when we thought we might be able to come up for air and reorient our family, the bills started rolling in.

We were being crushed by this new life, and then the Scares that Care family reached out and took the weight for us; lifted it right off our shoulders. Because of the efforts of STC, we have been able to get Jane to Boston TWICE! We can afford the specialty medicine to boost her immune system. And best of all?

We can focus on making memories with Jane and filling her life with as much happiness as possible in the time we have with her.

Thanks and Love! Katie (Jane’s Mom)”



When you are a single mother of two kids, working to make ends meet can be a difficult challenge. Imagine now that you can’t work because of you have been diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. You’ve undergone a double mastectomy and had your lymph nodes removed. Chemotherapy is the normal course. 

You’ve had to sell your car and some of your furniture to keep a roof over your children’s heads. You are basically surviving on charity from friends and family. Yet, friends refer to you as a strong woman, never seen without a smile or kind word. Strength comes in many forms. So does help.



“The impact of Bertrand Castille being selected as one of the recipients of Scares That Care $10,000 gift is THAT IT LIFTED HIS SPIRIT!

After being in a coma for 7 weeks, having numerous skin graft surgeries, being in constant pain and losing his independence, Bert felt he had no reason to smile. However after receiving such an amazing gift, it placed a smile on Bert’s face that we had not seen in almost a year. Additionally, with losing close to 30 pounds, Bert was able to purchase new clothes, necessities for his 2 children, and a car to get him to and from appointments. (Unfortunately, he is still unable to drive at this time due to the inability to use his hands and arms).

Nevertheless words will never, ever be able to express our gratitude for your kindness towards Bert during this very difficult time.”

Sincerely, Helen Fusilier (Bertrand’s Aunt)”

2016 Recipients



She suffers from SMA – Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Type 1. This disease affects the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord, taking away the ability to walk, eat, or eventually breathe.



The true nature of our organization is love. Help. Kindness to those in need. One person who typifies these traits, is Heidi Lynn. Heidi has been a supporter of our charity and conventions. You’ve seen her cosplay a wide variety of characters. But one thing she excels at doing, is being brave in the face of her own battle. Having recently undergone a double mastectomy due to breast cancer, and now facing chemo and radiation for her fight against this horrible disease…Heidi could use a little help in her fight. Her jokes, funny faces during treatment, positivity and strength is a mark by which all should be measured. It is our Honor to announce that Heidi Lynn is our breast cancer fighter for 2016. To help someone is important. To have the honor to help one of our own – even better.



While playing one day, his shirt caught fire by accident. Before anyone could get to him, he took off running – which compounded the situation. He received 3rd degree burns to 50% of his body (neck, chin, back, upper arms, right hip and groin area and chest, which was the most severely burned).

2015 Recipients



“We are first time parents really just trying to do our best. We have got help through the generosity of family, friends, even strangers. All the help is appreciated, but it’s just not enough, unfortunately. So, I am asking that you please consider us for your 2015 Gift Giving recipients. We can definitely use and would immensely appreciate the help! We thank you so much.”



“I have been unable to work since my diagnosis and am relying on friends and family to help me make it. Even now – with a diagnosis of stage 4 – I still remain focused and hopeful and positive. Thank you”



Young Mr. Austin Schilling and his family were the October, 2015 recipient of our gift from “Scares That Care!” to aid them due to this horrific incident.

2014 Recipients



Tripp and his family were the 2014 Burn Fighter recipients.



Madelyn was the 2014 Breast Cancer Fighter recipient.

2013 Recipients



Raygan was the 2013 Sick Child recipient.

2012 Recipients



Draven and his family were the first sponsored Sick Child Recipient from Scares That Care! after we formalized to a 501(c)(3) and started the annual goals for helping three families.

While Draven is no longer with us, he and the many others we helped afterwards, will always be in our hearts. We are thankful we could be part of all of these journeys.

2011 Recipients



Corbin came to our attention through a friend of the family.  We surprised the family during fund raising event being held in his honor presented them with a donation from the charity. 


Make-A-Wish Foundation

We presented this donation directly to the Make-A-Wish foundation.  This was the last presentation to another organization and the transformation started into what the charity started to become in 2012 and beyond.

2010 Recipients


Kennedy Krieger Institute

We presented this donation directly to the Kennedy Krieger Institute after a 2 year long campaign. 

2008 Recipients


Johns Hopkins Children's Center

Before the Charity Weekend, $5 Donation Days and so many other events we do today, this was the first major campaign of Scares That Care!